Slimberry and Weight Loss

First, before beginning any weight loss or dietary program, consult your physician.

Weight loss can be easy…or not.  This depends on your strength of will.  Slimberry and other nutritional supplements can help you lose weight.  But you first have to make up your mind to do so.  If you are not sure in your mind that you want to lose weight, you will not do so.  If your mind is not made up, changing your body cannot occur.  So the first thing to do is to really decide if you want to, then commit to losing weight.

Barriers to Weight Loss

Once you have made up your mind to lose weight, there is little that can stop you.  Sometimes a health crisis is your motivation to lose weight.  Mine came in the form of a herniated disc.  I dropped 35 lbs in about 2 months in the process. 

You just have to find the right method for you.  After the disc began to heal, I started a mild, then more progressive exercise program.  What you choose has to be right for you–something that will be easy for you to start and stay with.  But consult with your healthcare practitioner first.  Mine was walking, I love to walk. Maybe you like something more vigorous, jogging or gyrotonics; or perhaps hatha yoga, or tai chi, or bicycling, or an exercise machine.  Just start moving your body and if you are not is good shape, start slowly under your doctors advice.

Exercise burns calories stored in fat cells.  You lose weight.  Exercise helps to get metabolic wastes and allergins out of your system that have accumulated.  Detoxification lets your body shed water weight too.  Exercise, I found, also keeps my allergies from flaring up.  Exercise also keeps your body from

Nutritional Deficiency

If you are lacking in certain nutrients, your body may crave unhealthy foods.  So eat a whole foods diet and take a good non-synthetic, whole food vitamin-mineral supplement.  Healthy supplments can help here.

If you don't eat enough protein, you may crave sugar.  Refined, sugar, in general, is evil.  A drug in the body.  It devastates the body.  If you need to use sugar in your tea or coffee, or on cereal, etc. use organic, evaporated cane juice–it contains minerals to help digest the sugar instead of having your tissues robbed of components to digest it.   Read, Sugar Blues.  You can buy it on Amazon or maybe from the local library.

Many people are genetically programmed to require animal protein–this comes from your ancestors.  If you want to move into a vegetarian lifestyle, make sure you get all your proper amino acids.  Moringa Oleifera, supposedly the most nutritionally dense plant ever found, has all the essential amino acids.  It also has vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory conponents, and omega 3, 6, and 9 fats.  Doneta's on Amazon is harvested in the wild, so most like organic quality.  These sources of moringa are whole; seeds, leaves, stems and berries, not just the leaf powder which is very common.

Emotional Eating

If you have suffered some form of emotional trauma, loss of a loved one is common, and who hasn't, eating snacks or eating sugar may be an attempt to elevate your mood–to get you out of a depressive state.  Again, if you have made up your mind to lose weight, you can control these urges–fill the compulsion to eat when you are not hungry with a healthier activity, reading, watching a little tv, chatting with a friend, getting on Facebook.  These are healthier than eating when you are not hungry.

A Whole Foods Diet

One of the first keys is to eating healthy is a whole foods diet.  This means avoiding processed foods, like refined grain breads and pastas or eating out of a can.  However, I would not go so far as to refry my own beans.  Eat whole, cooked veges, fruits, whole grain breads and pastas, range free meats.

About Meat

The animal kingdom and the plant kingdom are here on earth to support the evolvement of the human race into the Human Spirit.  So eat with gratitude and reverence.  

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are necessary today because our food, fruits and veges, are usually not "fresh"–as in less than 24 hours from being harvested–when we eat it.  When food was picked, cooked and eaten for each meal, the full compliment of vitamins was still there.  Not today.  Unless you go to a same day farmer's market, by the time we get food from the market and onto the table, much of the vitamin content has degraded.  And if the food was not grown in healthy soil, the vitamins were not there to begin with.

Minerals are essentially rocks.  If the soil is healthy, minerals will stay in the food.  If the soil is not healthy, the soil is mineral defficient and the food does not have good mineral content.  This is why nutritional supplements are needed.

Organic vs Non-Organic foods

The debate amongst agribusinesses and the organic community about which food is best for you, as far as nutritional value, is ongoing.  Atomically and molecularly, the foods are probablly identical.  But if the soil is healthier, as in organic farming soil, organic foods have more nutritional components.  Organic foods also are not laden with pesticides, herbacides and fungicides–toxins.  The choice which one to eat is up to you.


Scientific research says that the antioxidants that are in superfoods can help remove harmful molecules that cause cell damage.  

A well cared for physical body often ages gracefully.  Good food, proper exercise and other good nutritional supplements, can help you take care of your body.

So, give it a try.  Everyones' body responds to supplements differently…you may not get the results I did.  But if it works, it was worth a few dollars to find out.


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As with any new regimen, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before using a new supplement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.