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FDA Sued — Withholding Data on Antibiotics Used in Livestock Feed

A sad commentary on greed vs. human health.  The proliferation of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria now circulating through the human population can be traced in part to the rampant use of antibiotics in feed lots.  The bacteria common in feed lot environments become immune to antibiotics used in animal feed to make amimals gain more weight.  These superbugs them make their way into the human environment and the diseases they cause do not respond to antibiotics any more.  This is tragic.

Here is an excerpt:


The United States uses nearly 30 million pounds of antibiotics annually in food production. Livestock antibiotic use accounts for 80 percent of the total antibiotics sold in the US, and unnecessary use of antibiotics in food animals (cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys) is a major driving force behind the rampant development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Compare this to the 6 million pounds of antibiotics that are used for every man, woman and child in the US combined. But unlike human use, in which antibiotics are prescribed to treat serious infection, in animals, drugs such as penicillins and tetracyclines are routinely added to animal feed as a cheap way to make the animals grow faster.

The primary reason why concentrated animal feedlot operations (CAFOs) are such hotbeds for breeding antibiotic-resistant bacteria is because of the continuous feeding of low doses of antibiotics to the animals, which allows pathogens to survive, adapt, and eventually, thrive.

In short, American food producers are trading slightly reduced production costs (i.e. more meat per animal) for more lethal illnesses — both in animals and humans. Just one of several now resistant pathogens, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), is responsible for more than 94,000 infections and 18,000 deaths in the US each year!”


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GMOs in Cheerios Cause Backlash

General Mills, the makers of popular supermarket cereals, spent 1.1 million dollars to help defeat the recent California proposition to require Genetically Engineered food ingredients.  Thousands of facebook fans let General Mills know of their disgust by filling the General Mills Cheerios App page with postings saying just this.

Here is an excerpt of the article by Dr. Mercola:

Organic foods are required by U.S. federal law to be produced in ways that promote ecological sustainability, without common toxic and genetically engineered ingredients.

But organic products are increasingly being forced to compete with products that are labeled as “natural.” There are no restrictions on the term “natural”, and it often constitutes nothing more than meaningless marketing hype. Most disturbing of all, many foods labeled as “natural” actually contain genetically engineered ingredients, and breakfast cereals are particularly guilty of this.

California’s Proposition 37, which would have required GE foods to be labeled as such and prevented GE foods from being mislabeled as “natural,” was defeated back in November due to massive donations from multinational corporations that hide GE ingredients behind natural labels and “wholesome” advertising.

One such company was General Mills, which donated more than $1.1 million to the No on Prop. 37 campaign to defeat the GE labeling law. I recently told you this betrayal of consumers’ trust will backfire, and General Mills just got a taste of the backlash.

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Genetically Engineered Foods

This is a most disturbing article posted by Dr. Mercola about genetically engineered foods, the Natural Products Association and prop 37 that ran in California in the recent November election.

Up until September, 67% of polled californians favored labeling GMO foods.  Then with the $50 million advertising onslaught of these companies:

prop 37 was defeated by 3% points.  Hershey already labels its foods sold in Europe with “genetically engineered ingredients” because the people living there did not buckle to the nonsense touted in the advertising campaign by the companies that don’t care about your health, just your money.

GE foods can have viruses and pesticides inserted into the food DNA.  People in the USA have the right to know what is in their food.

Here is a portion of the article:

You’re Being Deceived More Often than Not When Shopping for “Natural”

As recently as November, 2012, NPA CEO John Shaw was named one of the Top Lobbyists2. He was also named as one of the top lobbyists for 2010. There can be little doubt that the NPA is in an excellent position to take a strong stand to protect consumers’ right to know and push for better certification standards when it comes to natural products.

Yet the unregulated “natural” food, supplements, and products sector, which is routinely produced with genetically engineered ingredients, toxic pesticides, synthetic chemicals, nitrate fertilizers, and livestock drugs, is actually larger than the certified organics sector. This “natural” market is worth more than $50 billion a year, compared to the certified organic sector, which is a $32 billion per year market.

Polls show that most US consumers are confused about the difference between organic and so-called “natural” products, with many consumers believing that “natural” means “almost organic” or even “better than organic,” but of course “natural” products are typically much cheaper than the organic varieties, yet typically cost more than conventional products not labeled “natural.” In other words, the $50 million+ “natural” products sector is basically built upon low or non-existent standards, and this ability to charge a premium without actually having to use premium ingredients is what’s being protected by organizations fighting against GE labeling.


This is a video from the article.  (There is a commercial attached to the video)


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Keep Your Brain Functioning Well

The human brain is the controlling organ for the functioning of the physical body.  This is not to be confused with the Higher Mind which is the seat of consciousness which survives the death of the brain.  But the Higher Mind functions through the brain, so when the brain suffers injury or decline, consciousness expression is impaired on the outer.

Keeping the brain active through mental exercise helps consciousness function through the brain properly.

This article by Dr. Mercola presents some new information about how to keep your brain functioning well through mental exercises and physical exercise.

Here is a excerpt:

What research into brain plasticity shows us is that by providing your brain with appropriate stimulation, you can counteract this degeneration. A key factor or ingredient necessary for improving brain function or reversing functional decline is the seriousness of purpose with which you engage in a task. In other words, the task must be important to you, or somehow meaningful or interesting — it must hold your attention. Rote memorization of nonsensical or unimportant items or even heavy work at non-challenging tasks will not stimulate your brain to create new connections or neurons.

Dr. Merzenich has been instrumental in the development of a kind of “brain gym” environment — a computer-based brain training program that can help you sharpen a range of skills, from reading and comprehension to improved memorization and more. The program is called Brain HQ.1

To read the full article, you can click on this link.

Sodium Benzoate Toxicity

This is an interesting article on the potential toxic effects of the food additive sodium benzoate.  In its natural form it is present in some foods, like blueberries.  This is not toxic at all.  Sodium benzoate only becomes toxic when it is manufactured in a lab.

The additive is designed to kill fungi and bacteria in food.  If the metabolic pathways of microorganisms are disrupted by this chemical, what will happen to a person’s metabolic pathways when it is consumed?

The other thing to consider is what happens when sodium benzoate is ingested along all the other hazardous chemicals people are exposed to every day.  All these toxins have a negative synergistic effect on the body.

Here is an article excerpt:

Sodium benzoate is made from the sodium salt of benzoic acid, and it is a common preservative in processed foods, and soft drinks.  It has been associated with virtually every type of health problem that we have heard of, in recent years.  Like many other food industry chemicals, it was originally found in an organic form in nature.  Sources for trace amounts of the organic form can be found in blueberries, apples, cranberries, plums, and even in cinnamon.  However, as is usual for such cases, sodium benzoate has no negative effects in its unbastardized, natural, and organic form.  Perhaps the organic form occurs with its own antidote, as is frequently the case with organically-occurring food toxins, or perhaps the organic form really is that different from the stuff made in the chemical laboratory.  Likewise, the natural version does not have any preservative action whatsoever, which demonstrates its clear lack of toxicity.  It is only when sodium benzoate is produced inside a chemical laboratory that the result is a cheap, toxic agent, which performs adequately to poison bacteria, fungus, and us.  The dramatic differences between the two versions of sodium benzoate causes us to question whether they are really the same chemical, and if the chemists are as proficient as they like to believe.

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