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GMOs in Cheerios Cause Backlash

General Mills, the makers of popular supermarket cereals, spent 1.1 million dollars to help defeat the recent California proposition to require Genetically Engineered food ingredients.  Thousands of facebook fans let General Mills know of their disgust by filling the General Mills Cheerios App page with postings saying just this.

Here is an excerpt of the article by Dr. Mercola:

Organic foods are required by U.S. federal law to be produced in ways that promote ecological sustainability, without common toxic and genetically engineered ingredients.

But organic products are increasingly being forced to compete with products that are labeled as “natural.” There are no restrictions on the term “natural”, and it often constitutes nothing more than meaningless marketing hype. Most disturbing of all, many foods labeled as “natural” actually contain genetically engineered ingredients, and breakfast cereals are particularly guilty of this.

California’s Proposition 37, which would have required GE foods to be labeled as such and prevented GE foods from being mislabeled as “natural,” was defeated back in November due to massive donations from multinational corporations that hide GE ingredients behind natural labels and “wholesome” advertising.

One such company was General Mills, which donated more than $1.1 million to the No on Prop. 37 campaign to defeat the GE labeling law. I recently told you this betrayal of consumers’ trust will backfire, and General Mills just got a taste of the backlash.

To read the full article, go here.

Genetically Engineered Foods

This is a most disturbing article posted by Dr. Mercola about genetically engineered foods, the Natural Products Association and prop 37 that ran in California in the recent November election.

Up until September, 67% of polled californians favored labeling GMO foods.  Then with the $50 million advertising onslaught of these companies:

prop 37 was defeated by 3% points.  Hershey already labels its foods sold in Europe with “genetically engineered ingredients” because the people living there did not buckle to the nonsense touted in the advertising campaign by the companies that don’t care about your health, just your money.

GE foods can have viruses and pesticides inserted into the food DNA.  People in the USA have the right to know what is in their food.

Here is a portion of the article:

You’re Being Deceived More Often than Not When Shopping for “Natural”

As recently as November, 2012, NPA CEO John Shaw was named one of the Top Lobbyists2. He was also named as one of the top lobbyists for 2010. There can be little doubt that the NPA is in an excellent position to take a strong stand to protect consumers’ right to know and push for better certification standards when it comes to natural products.

Yet the unregulated “natural” food, supplements, and products sector, which is routinely produced with genetically engineered ingredients, toxic pesticides, synthetic chemicals, nitrate fertilizers, and livestock drugs, is actually larger than the certified organics sector. This “natural” market is worth more than $50 billion a year, compared to the certified organic sector, which is a $32 billion per year market.

Polls show that most US consumers are confused about the difference between organic and so-called “natural” products, with many consumers believing that “natural” means “almost organic” or even “better than organic,” but of course “natural” products are typically much cheaper than the organic varieties, yet typically cost more than conventional products not labeled “natural.” In other words, the $50 million+ “natural” products sector is basically built upon low or non-existent standards, and this ability to charge a premium without actually having to use premium ingredients is what’s being protected by organizations fighting against GE labeling.


This is a video from the article.  (There is a commercial attached to the video)


To read the entire article, go here.

Monsanto Rats Develop Tumors

A two year independent study conducted in France on rats found some startling evidence of the highly toxic effects of Monsanto"s Roundup herbicide.  The rats, fed a "safe" level of Roundup over the two years did not fair well at all…guess what is happening to humans that eat food treated with Roundup?

Here is a excerpt from the article from


"Rats fed genetically modified corn or exposed to the Monsanto herbicide Roundup were at greater risk for developing tumors, suffering organ damage or dying prematurely according to a just-published study in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology. 200 rats were tested for two years (more or less their lifespan), much longer than the 90 days required for studies that are used when companies seek regulatory approval for genetically engineered foods. “The results were really alarming,” the study’s author, Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen in France, said.

The French site, Rue89, has photos of the rats with tumors that, it would be an understatement to say, are very disturbing."



"Stunning News: Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto's genetically engineered corn or exposed to the company's popular Roundup herbicide, in amounts considered "safe" in drinking water and GM crops in the U.S., developed tumors and suffered severe kidney and liver damage, according a study released last week.1

First Lady Michelle Obama is famous for the White House organic garden, for speaking out against childhood obesity, and for advocating for better nutrition in school lunches. She's the President's closest confidante. That's why we're calling on her to build support for the labeling of genetically engineered food in California, and to urge her husband to do the same thing.

You might think, what's the point of signing another petition when Monsanto employees are in bed with the federal government? When politicians repeatedly reject the pleas of the 90% of consumers who demand GMO labeling? When Monsanto and Dow and DuPont and major food processors like Pepsi and CocaCola have already put up $25 million to defeat GMO labeling in California?"


California residents often determine what happens in important safety matters.  On the next ballot PLEASE vote for labeling of GMOs.  There is enough research now to cast doubt about the safety of GMOs.  Even if long term studies have not yet been conducted on humans, the proof that there is no possibility of harm to people eating GMOs should rest squarely on the manufacturers shoulders and not on the public or government.

Europe has banned significant amounts of GMOs.  Make Monsanto and the companies that are profiting and will profit from frankenplants and frankenfood offer difinitive proof first that it is harmless.


1. "Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize," Food and Chemical Toxicology, September 19, 2012

Lies about GMO Foods

The Lies You’ve Been Told…

Exposure to genetically modified foods and companion pesticides has been linked to a number of health risks including infertility, neurological disorders, birth defects and cancer. Yet despite all the evidence, the collusion between industry and our political leadership and various regulatory agencies has created a system in which industry interests win at every turn. Until or unless enough Americans recognize this, and not only demand change, but also actually change their own habits, the system will continue unabated.

The first challenge is to realize that you’ve been lied to. The entire model of genetically engineered crops as a not only viable but preferable food source is based on a series of lies and misconceptions that have enriched a select few at the expense of everyone else. These myths include:

  • Genetically engineered foods are equivalent to conventional foods.This is simply not true, as no conventional food in the history of mankind has ever been able to splice bacteria, viruses or genetic material from unrelated species into itself. For thousands of years, farmers have selected and saved the best seeds, which has led to improved varieties. But never have they been able to cross a plant with an animal, for example. Nature does not allow this sort of trans-genetic transfer.

    Gene splicing is an imprecise and unpredictable science, and the potential hazards are enormous. The primary motive behind genetically engineered crops is the ability to patent it and claim ownership of it in perpetuity. And the concept of patenting crops and other foods tells you the truth about whether or not they’re really equivalent to conventional foods—you cannot get a patent on something that is too similar to something already in existence.

  • Genetically engineered crops were created for an altruistic purpose; to save a starving world from hunger by increasing yield.Even the statistics from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) demonstrate that this is a promise that cannot be fulfilled. Genetically engineered crops do not produce higher yields. In fact, numerous studies have shown that their yield is lower than that of conventional or organic yields. There are literally hundreds of studies in the developing world demonstrating that organic farming, specifically, outproduces chemical farming and genetically engineered crops by a factor of anywhere between 10-100 to 1.

    Genetically engineering food crops is but a tactic to starve the world into submission. And, it guarantees outrageous profits for perpetuity as farmers world-wide must depend on giant transnational corporations in order to eat, and there’s nothing altruistic about that.

  • Genetically engineered foods are more nutritious.No patented GE crop has ever made the commercial claim to be more nutritious, so this idea was popularized without any factual support whatsoever. Agricultural scientist are, however, warning that genetically engineered crops are nutritionally inferior to both organics and conventionally-grown crops.

From Dr. Joseph Mercola

Some U.S. foods banned worldwide

U.S. Foods Widely Banned from Other Countries

The presence of undisclosed genetically altered ingredients is not the only problem with the US food supply, although it may be one of the most serious. Americans have a long history of trusting government and health officials, and many are now awakening to the disturbing truth that their trust has been sorely misplaced.

If you’re wondering how safe your food really is in the U.S., and whether state and federal regulations truly protect you from consuming hazardous materials, you might want to take a look outside the U.S. to see what other countries think of our foodsiii. What you’ll find is that more and more U.S. foods are being outright banned from other countries. Most recently, Indonesia became the first country to ban imports of U.S. beef after discovering an American dairy cow infected with mad cow disease. According to Rusman Heriawan, Indonesia’s vice agriculture minister, the ban will remain in place until the case has been resolved.

Taiwan had already begun refusing various U.S. meat products, including pork and beef, because they contain a growth-promoting drug, ractopamine, which is banned in 160 countries. The drug comes with the warning “not for use in humans,” and it’s handled like hazardous waste, yet it’s permitted for use in food in America. Other countries all over the world, from the European Union to Saudi Arabia to South America, have also banned foods or food ingredients that typically are allowed in the U.S., such as genetically engineered seeds and plants.

From Dr. Joseph Mercola