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GMOs in Cheerios Cause Backlash

General Mills, the makers of popular supermarket cereals, spent 1.1 million dollars to help defeat the recent California proposition to require Genetically Engineered food ingredients.  Thousands of facebook fans let General Mills know of their disgust by filling the General Mills Cheerios App page with postings saying just this.

Here is an excerpt of the article by Dr. Mercola:

Organic foods are required by U.S. federal law to be produced in ways that promote ecological sustainability, without common toxic and genetically engineered ingredients.

But organic products are increasingly being forced to compete with products that are labeled as “natural.” There are no restrictions on the term “natural”, and it often constitutes nothing more than meaningless marketing hype. Most disturbing of all, many foods labeled as “natural” actually contain genetically engineered ingredients, and breakfast cereals are particularly guilty of this.

California’s Proposition 37, which would have required GE foods to be labeled as such and prevented GE foods from being mislabeled as “natural,” was defeated back in November due to massive donations from multinational corporations that hide GE ingredients behind natural labels and “wholesome” advertising.

One such company was General Mills, which donated more than $1.1 million to the No on Prop. 37 campaign to defeat the GE labeling law. I recently told you this betrayal of consumers’ trust will backfire, and General Mills just got a taste of the backlash.

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