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Slimberry and Losing Weight

Slimberry drops are not an “instantly lose weight” product…nothing is except surgery.

Before you start a weight loss program, please consult your healthcare practitioner.

If you want to lose weight you will need some discipline and a little determination.

Once you make up your mind to lose weight, you can hit a craving wall.  This is temporary.  Habits create an energy momentum in your etheric body and this momentum must be restructured.  Once you change your habit of eating poorly or not exercising, losing weight begins.

Non-surgical weight loss is about expending more calories through daily activity than you take in each day through your food.

Missing Nutrients

Losing weight also requires that your body gets proper nutrients or else you can crave unhealthy foods.

This is where supplements come in–they help provide you with proper nutrients that may be missing in your food.

Food today is often grown in nutrient deficient soil.  So people need supplements.  Even if the food has good nutrients in it when it is grown, vitamins break down rapidly after food is picked.  And it takes sometimes days before the food reaches the store shelf.  Minerals are fairly indestructible, so mineral content in food does not suffer from shipping time, but vitamin content does.  So take a good quality vitamin-mineral supplement.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercising helps burn calories.  Exercising helps retain muscle mass while changing your eating habits.  You don’t want to lose muscle mass when you lose weight, you want to lose fat tissue.

I like to walk–this is my main form of exercise.  There are tons of ways to exercise.  Start easy if you have been sedentary, they build up.  Ask your healthcare practitioner for advice on an exercise regimen.

Emotions and Weight Loss

Emotional traumas that goes unresolved in your emotional body can cause a you to crave unhealthy foods–particularly sugar.  Emotional trauma of itself can also add weight to your physical body.  Sugar acts like a drug in your physical body–a quick mood elevator.  Eating sugar can temporarily over come mild depression associated with emotional trauma.  Eating sugar therefore prevents you from dealing with your traumas because you are not aware of them because of the drug effects of sugar.  Eating sugar adds empty, non nutritious calories in your body.  This obviously can add weight.  Don’t do this.  Work out the emotional traumas–seek help if you need it.

Sugar on its own can really devastate your physical body.


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